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In Virus Tandem releases archive disc!

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ivt - archive

Bryan Elsloo, former co-conspirator from the early band Wrack Process, and solo electronic mastermind behind the audio project In Virus Tandem has returned from the dead! He has just uploaded 12 classic IVT tracks (spanning ten years) as an "Archive" disc to his In Virus Tandem page at Bandcamp. Check them out!  keep reading »

Testube Digital Re-Releases Now Available

Testube at Bandcamp

I recently signed up with Bandcamp and will be trying them out for direct digital sales of my releases. Please take a look at the new Testube music pages and send me your comments and questions. I am very impressed with their interface so far, and believe that it will greatly streamline digital archive management and sales.  keep reading »

Testube to Remix LowHero.DLL again!

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I'm about 75% complete with a remix for LowHero.DLL's new track "Open Mind". You can hear the original version (which kicks ass) at the offical LowHero.DLL homepage.

In other news, I have (so far) received permission for all but three of the remixes that I want to include in the new Testube Treatments remix compilation. The good news is that of those three, none have said that I can NOT use the remix - they simply haven't responded yet (or in the case of Biopsy, I am having trouble finding current contact information).  keep reading »

Remix Compilation Update!

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Just wanted to post a quick update regarding the Testube remix compilation I am putting together. I got in touch with Scott Sturgis, and he has given me the green light to include my remix of Pain Station's "Dead Inside". I also heard back from Daniel Myer and he is checking with COP Int'l to see if they are okay with me including my Testube remix of the Destroid track "Friend or Foe". I've also come up with a tentative title for the remix compilation - Treatments.  keep reading »

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