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Testube featured on Silver Echo Records compilation

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Silver Echo Comp Vol 2

Silver Echo Records has just released Volume 2 of their free promotional compilation series and it features the TESTUBE track "Faux Vision". It is an impressive collection of contemporary synth-based music.  keep reading »

Testube to cover Cabaret Voltaire for 3-D Film Project


I recently posted that Testube will be writing music for a new 3-D film project by ClandestCine Films. Michael has requested that I create a cover version of the classic track "Crackdown" by Cabaret Voltaire for the film. It's exciting for me to cover a song by Cabaret Voltaire, as they were a big influence when I was younger. Their abrasive early live recordings, in particular, were quite awe-inspiring at times.

Testube goes 3-D?

3-D Testube

Michael from ClandestCine Films recently contacted me about scoring the soundtrack for a new 3-D film project he is planning. It sounds exciting and I'm looking forward to being a part of another of his cutting-edge productions. In addition, later this summer I will be trying my hand at producing a lo-fi DIY music video of my own, for a new Testube track that I am polishing up.  keep reading »

Testube's "Bioplaza" CD on sale at CDBaby

Testube - Bioplaza

For anyone who missed it, the popular 1999 album from Testube titled "Bioplaza" is now on sale at CDBaby for only $6.95. Choose from a physical copy of the disc or digital download. Get your copy here.

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