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Got myself a Glyph

Glyph GT050Q

I've been dangerously close to running out of hard drive space on my music PC for some time now, so I decided to pick up a new external hard drive for the studio. After reading lots of reviews, I ended up purchasing an external drive by Glyph.  keep reading »

LowHero.DLL releases FM_Era featuring remix by Testube

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I just received my copy of LowHero.DLL's new full-length titled FM Era and it is stunning! Jonathan Chalker manages to serve up a tasty dish of intelligent electropop with emotional hues that run the gamut from classic wave acts like Men Without Hats, LPD and Book of Love to modern electroclash heroes like Fischerspooner and Ladytron. Included on the disc is a special Testube remix of his popular track "Forget Me Now".

The album is available at the very reasonable price of only $5.99 from the official LowHero.DLL website.

Refraction now on sale!


I'm very excited to announce that ClandestCine Films is now selling HD versions of the film Refraction, which features a soundtrack by Testube. Below is a preview of the film and links to the ClandestCine website, where you can purchase the film in iPod Touch/iPhone or HD MP4 format. Enjoy!  keep reading »

Testube Remixes Unter Null Side-Project

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I just finished up a Testube remix of the track "Does It Really Matter" from the new Unter Null side-project called "Stray". Erica has put together an interesting new style that reminds me of a contemporary downtempo Book of Love. Things got a little crazy with the remix and it is stylistically all over the place - typical Testube, I suppose. To hear the original version and preview other tracks from the upcoming debut release, check out the official Stray page on myspace.  keep reading »

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