The Audio Experiments of Jeff Danos
Carry Me
CD Single - Metropolis Records
Catalog: MET 173
Released May 2000

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Leæther Strip

Carry Me

Jeff created a Testube remix for the infamous EBM master Claus Larsen and his Leatherstrip project. The single was released on Bloodline Records in Europe and Metropolis Records in the U.S.

Carry Me (Testube Mix) 05:56 From the release:
Carry Me
Reviews of Carry Me:
  • "But the greatest remix remains to Testube where Jeff Danos is revamping the song into a pure old school electro-industrial track; excellent."
    Jun 2000
    Electroage Canada
  • "The Version by Testube should be especially mentioned (their excellent "Bioplaza" released last year probably was the reason that allowed them to become one of the few remixing bands on this CD) for giving a different feel to the track - more spacey and lighter sound that did not lose any of its melodic elements, but gained diversity and something that for the lack of a better word could be called modern feel."
    Mar 2000
    Seven Webzine
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