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Minivan Mastering?

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Tomorrow, I am going to try out a little mastering experiment with the new album. Rather than transfer songs from the new Testube album to a CDr and test-listen to it in the car, only to then return and make adjustments in the studio, I'm going to try and do some tweaking while in the car itself. I'm going to setup my laptop workstation in our minivan and run the audio directly into the car stereo. What better way to simulate a car cabin listening environment?

The tracks for Off Purpose are *very* close to being complete. I just need to re-do vocals for one of the tracks and finish the mastering, and then it will be time to work on the art and liner notes. I was hoping to have the vocals complete by this week, but then we got a big snow storm and the kids had snow days, and I came down with a head-cold that makes my voice sound funny. And of course I am a ridiculously stubborn perfectionist when it comes to these things, so nothing ever gets finished quite as quickly as I would have hoped.

There will be a total of eleven new songs on this release, ranging in style from more experimental instrumental to near-pop tunes. I unintentionally managed to include a bit of old school Testube / EBM flavor here and there, too. Christina says it is my most accessible release to date, but it still sounds like Testube to me.

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