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Testube makes it through second round of Ministry contest finalists!

Ministry band documentary

Just noticed that Testube has made it into the second round of finalists for the Ministry "Fix" remix/remake contest! According to the producers, hundreds of submissions were received, and they have now narrowed it down to 12 finalists. The winner will be featured on a companion disc for the upcoming documentary film about the industrial band Ministry, titled FIX.

Testube makes first round of finalists in Ministry contest!

Ministry - Fix Movie

The producers of FIX - The Ministry Movie have just announced the first round of finalists for their Psalm 69 remix/remake contest, and Testube made it into the list! In the next round, they will be choosing the top 10 submitted tracks, with the final winner to be chosen by Paul Barker (of Ministry) himself. Please cross your fingers for me, and don't forget to "like" their page on Facebook.

Testube takes on Ministry!

Psalms to the Profit

As part of a promotion for their new movie FIX, the band Ministry recently sponsored a contest in which bands were invited to download some of the original sounds from their popular song "Psalm 69" and remix/remake the track. The winner will be hand selected by Paul Barker, and included on a companion album for the film.  keep reading »

Unintentional Progress

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Unintentional Preview

Just thought I'd post a quick update from the Testube lab. Things have been crazy-busy these last few months. The new Testube release to be titled Unintentional is progressing quite nicely, and should prove to be a worthwhile companion piece for the recent album Off Purpose.  keep reading »

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