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Type001 joins Glim Records!

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Type001 joins Glim Records

Super excited to share the news - the uber-cool electronic act of Matt Ossen, called Type001, has just joined our little family of ear-twisting musical misfits at Glim Records. Type001's newest album Finished Business, which I have had the intense pleasure of previewing, will be released shortly. Expect a very diverse, complex, and intelligent audio experience, with some leanings towards contemporary X Marks the Pedwalk type compositions, but in a style all his own.

Matt Ossen and I first got acquainted when we were both signed to DSBP Records, and I've kept a close ear on his musical output ever since. He's been a favorite remixer on several of my recent Testube releases, and he is sure to bring lots of experience and creativity to our cooperative style record label. It's an honor to have him join us in at Glim. Welcome, Matt!

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