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'Off Purpose' Hits the Airwaves

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I'm happy to report that the new Testube album 'Off Purpose' has been finding its way into the playlists of podcasters and traditional deejays worldwide.

The folks at Robo Cast Radio put together a truly intriguing show that mixes some old school synth acts with the latest in underground electro. The deejay also just happens to sound like a speak-and-spell! They were nice enough to include Testube as one of the featured bands in their latest show. Thanks!

Canary Hour included the Testube track "Laptopmilk" alongside some killer tracks from groups like Solvent and The Glitch Mob. Sure, they spelled my band name wrong - but that's a fairly common occurrence when it comes to bands with "creatively" spelled names. Kudos goes out to them, anyways!

My track "Trickledown" got some airplay courtesy of Lisa at Machine Age Voodoo (named for an old SPK album). Testube was certainly in good company, surrounded by tracks from IDM masters such as Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, and Autechre. Thank you, Lisa!

Heading down under (sorry, I know that's so cliche), we find Testube picking up some spins on the excellent Australian Dark Essence Radio. Josh puts together a great mix of dark electro and contemporary industrial tracks. Check it out!

If you prefer your radio a bit more eclectic, be sure to check out the Hodgepodge Collective. As its name would suggest, you never quite know what you're going to hear, but it's usually good stuff. Thanks for including Testube!

And of course, I cannot forget to send some serious "thank-you" waves out to an old friend under the alias of GunHed, who has supported Testube in one form or another for quite some time now. He was cool enough to plug the new Testube album over at Re:Automation Radio and include Testube in his playlists. Thanks, Mr. GunHed. You rock!

If you have a favorite radio show that isn't afraid to drop some left-of-center electronic sounds now and then, be sure to request your favorite track from the new Testube release Off Purpose. And if you're a deejay or reviewer that would like to score a code for a free promo download, please get in touch!

Very cool! You deserve all

Very cool! You deserve all the attention. The LP is amazing.
How did they find out about the album? Did you send out promotional material?


Thanks, Michael!

Yep, I tried out the Bandcamp promo code feature for this one. I'll post a note over at Bandpox when I have a moment to elaborate on the results. :)

Robo Cast Radio - electronic music podcast

Congratulations once again on creating a fantastic album. Look out for the track "Off Purpose" on the next Robo Cast Radio podcast. I just love the album :)

Electronic regards and repsect,
Ian - Robo Cast Radio

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