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Testube's "Bioplaza" CD on sale at CDBaby

Testube - Bioplaza

For anyone who missed it, the popular 1999 album from Testube titled "Bioplaza" is now on sale at CDBaby for only $6.95. Choose from a physical copy of the disc or digital download. Get your copy here.

Testube Getting Social

I've been fairly busy lately adding Testube to all of the social networking and music profile sites. It's amazing how many of them exist, and I've barely scratched the surface. Here's what I've completed thus far:  keep reading »

testing the twitter plugin

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this is a twittering test. woot!

Testube on ice

zero demographic

The state of Arkansas, where I currently reside, has just experienced one of the worst ice storms in recent history. My home (and studio) was without electricity and heat for five days. Power was just restored tonight. It has been a long, cold week living in candlelight and under many layers of clothing. Many thanks go out to my wonderful neighbors who provided us with a few hot meals and a shower. Today I spent half of the day clearing debris with a chainsaw. Now I'm trying to catch up on all my missed email, etc.  keep reading »

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