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more studio problems - returned the glyph

Well, I decided to return the Glyph hard drive. It was working, but not very fast. In fact, it was stuttering all over the place. I tried it with several different firewire cards and none of them solved the performance problems. Then the folks over at Sweetwater tech support were nice enough to send me a replacement drive. It didn't perform any better, so I can only assume that my PC is the bottleneck. What a pain.  keep reading »

Got myself a Glyph

Glyph GT050Q

I've been dangerously close to running out of hard drive space on my music PC for some time now, so I decided to pick up a new external hard drive for the studio. After reading lots of reviews, I ended up purchasing an external drive by Glyph.  keep reading »

Finding Inspiration For Free

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Bontempi T-100

We were heading downtown the other day and passed by a collection of garage sale rejects that had been tossed to the curb with a "Free" sign. Christina saw a bicycle and Clover hasn't had a bike since we last relocated, so I figured I would check it out. It was red, pretty rugged looking, but I figured I could always paint it pink for her if it was in decent shape. Unfortunately, it was rusted pretty bad so we passed on it. As I was walking away I spotted a small keyboard, though.  keep reading »

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